レジストリエラーは0x80040115のような問題を引き起こします。Reimageを使ってご自身のパソコンをスキャンされることをお. Original Title: Error 0x80040115 For the last two days I have been getting Error 0x80040115 when Sending/Receiving Email through Outlook. The error message. Dear 先進 詢問一個問題 當outlook 連線Exchange 輸入帳號密碼成功後進入Outlook , 按傳送接收會出現如下問題 作業 '傳送及接收中. Everone on our domain is receving error message 0x80040115 when trying to connect to the Exchange Server using Outlook 2013. We are able to to get email. 請問各位我的outlook無法傳送接收郵件。 每次按傳送/接收它會顯示如下: 作業傳送中-Microsoft Exchange已報告錯誤(0x80040115. The Microsoft Outlook error 0x80040115 usually occurs due to an oversized PST (Personal Storage Table) file or improper installation of the Outlook. This seems to be related to the configuration of the NIC(s) in your Exchange server. I've seen a couple of causes for this problem. Confirm Hello, We have one user who everytime goes in his Outlook 2010 and clicks on To the Outlook almost hangs for around 20secs and 'Outlook retrieving data micrososoft. After several updates to our exchange 2016 server and client workstation, we have a serious problem in sending mail from one of our clients, The client is a windows. Outlook Outlook Express 错误回应码列表(速查OUTLOOK无法收信;OUTLOOK无法寄信的问题原因) OUTLOOK无法收信或OUTLOOK无法寄信的问题.